Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1What are the various courses available for competitive exams?
NEET full year course, NEET crash course, NEET repeaters batch course
2What is the duration of the NEET crash course?
The crash course is a 45 Days intense learning program.
3Can the students’ progress be traced?
Overall Performance of the student can be viewed and improvement can be monitored at all times.
4Are there different types of subscriptions to choose from?
Yes, we have multiple packages to choose from.
5How does technology-enabled books work?
All our highly interactive study material including ultimate passing guide, NCERT solutions and NEET/JEE materials are all clubbed with QR Code video technology, scanning the QR code corresponding to any question or topic will take the students to its respective video.
6What is our Hybrid Learning Model?
Our Hybrid model integrates the advantages of both online and offline learning to obtain more fruitful approach. The online learning is done through our highly interactive app which contains 600+ hours of interactive videos, practice tests, assessments, and performance analysis, while parallelly, offline learning is done through highly interactive books created by subject experts which are clubbed with QR Code video technology. This enables students in doubt clarification anytime and anywhere.
7What is the 360 degrees learning approach?
In our quest for a constructive learning approach where students are proactively involved in their studies, our learning platform is designed to provide a complete 360-degree learning approach that includes Learn, Practice, Assess and Analyse.
1Does UpMyRanks also have a webapp or is it just a mobile app?
We have a web app and a mobile app.
2Does our product have a return and refund policy?
Yes, we do
3Where can the NEET previous years Question papers be found?
Previous years question papers from the years of 2000 till 2021 are available along with their video solutions.
4Does the UpMyRanks App require internet connectivity?
Yes, Internet connection is required for the app to function
5Can the UpMyRanks App be connected to a larger screen? Does the App support screen mirroring option?
No, the screen mirroring/casting features are not enabled for our application.
6Does the app have a free trial?
Yes, our product comes with a 1-week free trial.
7What is the subscription cost of the UpMyRanks App?
The pricing varies across the different products.
8Does UpMyranks provide customer support?
Yes, we provide customer support to all our enrolled users.
9Do the books need to be purchased separately from the App?
No, Books are a part of the package